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‘Film noir’ slowly disappeared in the late 1950’s, as the color film replaced the black and white film. The typical tropes of the film noir are still in fashion though. Check out these great ‘neo-noirs’.
The Vore's Film staff selects the top best film noir movies of 2017 in cinema or on DVD or Netfix. Are David Ondrícek, Nicolas Winding Refn & Ousa Khun our new film noir genre directors?

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Popular actors Michael Fassbender, Penélope Cruz & Cameron Diaz
Trending moviesThe Frontier, Run All Night & Night City

2017 anticipated releases to watch

Best film noir movies on Netflix or DVD in 2017

2010's best rated film noir movies out on DVD, Bluray or streaming on VOD (Netflix, Amazon).

  1. Black Coal, Thin Ice (21-03-2014, 110 minutes)
    StarringFan Liao, Lun Mei Gwei & Xuebing Wang
    Director Yi'nan Diao (Shower, Night Train & Uniform )
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  3. The Counselor (25-10-2013, 117 minutes)
    Starring Michael Fassbender, Penélope Cruz & Cameron Diaz
    DirectorRidley Scott (Blade Runner, Prometheus & American Gangster )
    CountryUnited Kingdom United States
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  5. Broken City (18-01-2013, 109 minutes)
    StarringMark Wahlberg, Russell Crowe & Catherine Zeta-Jones
    DirectorAllen Hughes (From Hell, Menace II Society & The Book of Eli)
    CountryUnited States
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  7. In The Shadow (13-09-2012, 106 minutes)
    StarringIvan Trojan, Sebastian Koch & Sona Norisová
    DirectorDavid Ondrícek (Grandhotel, One Hand Can't Clap & Loners )
    CountryCzech Republic Poland Slovakia
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  9. Drive (16-09-2011, 100 minutes)
    StarringRyan Gosling, Carey Mulligan & Bryan Cranston
    DirectorNicolas Winding Refn (Only God Forgives, Bronson & Valhalla Rising)
    CountryUnited States
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New film noir movies out now

Best recent & upcoming film noir movies with release dates.

Wolf Mother by Erik Peter Carlson

Release date2016
CountryUnited States
StarringTom Sizemore, Najarra Townsend & Mary Carey
Previous releasesThe Toy Soldiers & Transatlantic Coffee
Associated with crime, thriller,

Payne & Redemption by Fergle Gibson

Release date04-10-2016
CountryUnited Kingdom
StarringNigel Billing, Kylie Cushman & John Mangan
Associated with action, crime,

The Queen of Hollywood Blvd. by Orson Oblowitz

Release date2016
CountryUnited States
StarringMichael Parks, Ana Mulvoy-Ten & Roger Guenveur Smith
Previous releasesGod Bless America, Sea of Darkness & A Thousand Year Journey
Associated with crime, drama,

The Frontier (15-03-2015, 88 minutes))

DirectorOren Shai (No Shame: How Candid Camera Took Over Israeli Cinema )
StarringJocelin Donahue, Kelly Lynch & Jim Beaver
CountryUnited States
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Run All Night (13-03-2015, 114 minutes))
DirectorJaume Collet-Serra (Unknown, Non-Stop & Orphan )
StarringLiam Neeson, Ed Harris & Joel Kinnaman
CountryUnited States
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Red Herring (30-10-2015, 91 minutes))
DirectorOusa Khun (Tears )
StarringHolly Valance, Vincent Pastore & Corinna Harney
CountryUnited States
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Night City (02-11-2015, 105 minutes))
DirectorDennis Vehlen (Rush, A Dangerous Method & Come to Stay )
StarringDennis Vehlen, Jana Jungbluth & Kai Henschel
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