The Bridge Series (Bron / Broen)

The Bridge series is from 2010 up to now.

Cast: Sofia Helin, Dag Malmberg and Kim Bodnia.

One Season.

IMDb rating: 7.4.

danish tv series the bridge series bron broen

A great Danish and Swedish tv series about the collaboration of the two police forces of Malmo and Copenhagen. They are forced to work together because of a jurisdiction issue. A dead body was found on the bridge from Copenhagen to Malmo and it is exactly in the middle. We follow a female Swedish detective and a male Danish detective on their search for the killer. Quickly things get pretty big.

We believe it is a good production and worth the watch. It is very captivating and the character of the Sofia Helin is very interesting. She has something bordering, or perhaps downright, autism. Which of course is a rather new element to a detective series. Kim Bodnia is also splendid in his role of casual likeable Danish detective.

However, we do feel that this Danish TV Series cannot quite compete with the suspense created in The Killing.

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