Best new Argentine TV Shows (2017 overview - TV & Netflix)

Yes, Argentina brought some quality television series. You might not know them, but shows like Epitafios (2004) and Terra Ribelle (2010) have shown us that Argentinian television is well worth a try. Below, our pick of the best ones until now.
The Vore's TV staff selects the top best Argentine TV series of 2017 on TV, DVD or Netflix. Are Juan José Campanella, Peter Exacoustos & Patricio Vega Argentina's best creators?

Argentina country statistics

Country popularity
Country ranking#27
Familiar facesNatalia Oreiro, Benjamín Vicuña & Joaquín Furriel
Trending showsEntre caníbales, El hipnotizador & Terra Ribelle
Amount of country shows per year from 2010 to 2017

6 Argentine TV series scheduled for release this year.

With an average of 63 shows a year, is Argentina one of the biggest Spanish-language countries. The amount of shows is slightly decreasing though. But the quality is going up.

2017 releases - most anticipated titles to watch

Run Coyote Run ( | Fox)

A Mexican-Argentine co-production, a dramedy take on the smuggling of illegal people into the united states. Very current!

CreatorGustavo Loza
StarringT.J. Coulter, Omar Ayala & Elijah Darnall
Themesadventure, comedy,
CountryArgentina Mexico

Supermax ()

A mini-series about a reality show that takes place in a deserted prison that once was the center of a bloody uprising.
StarringSantiago Segura, Rubén Cortada & Cecilia Roth
Themeshorror, prison,
CountryArgentina Brazil

Best Argentine TV series on Netflix or DVD in 2017

Best Argentine TV series out on DVD, Bluray or VOD (Netflix, Amazon).

  1. Epitafios (Since 22-9-2010 , Season: 2 - HBO)
  2. A teacher accidentally kills four of his students. A few years after this horrible event, a retired policeman finds out that there is much more to the story - the person who planned it, took care of a lot more.

    StarringJulio Chávez, Leonardo Sbaraglia & Cecilia Roth
    Similar tv showsPsi
    Themesdarkness, death, crime, drama,
    Keywordsaction-packed, thrilling,
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  3. Ciega a citas (Since 20-10-2009 , Season: 1 - Cuatro)
  4. A nice rom-com about a woman on a frantic search to find love before her sister's wedding.

    StarringMuriel Santa Ana, Rafael Ferro & Georgina Barbarossa
    Themesfamilies, journalism, comedy, romance,
    Keywordsabsurd, conversational, fun, noteworthy,
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  5. Terra Ribelle (Since 17-10-2010 , Season: 2)
  6. A western series about two childhood friends who fall in love with the same woman.

    CreatorPeter Exacoustos
    StarringAnna Favella, Rodrigo Guirao Díaz & Sabrina Garciarena
    Similar tv showsTerra ribelle - Il nuovo mondo
    Themesfriendship, love, travelling, adventure, romance,
    Keywordscharming, dramatic, romantic,
    CountryArgentina Italy Uruguay
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  7. Hermanos y detectives (Since 6-9-2006 , Season: 1 - Telefe)
  8. The life of a detective changes dramatically when he gets the custody of his younger brother, who is a genius.

    CreatorPatricio Vega
    StarringRodrigo Noya, Rodrigo De la Serna & Óscar Guzmán
    Similar tv showsLos simuladores
    Themesjustice, law, police, action, adventure,
    Keywordsadventurous, intriguing,
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Recent 2016 shows

Good Argentine TV series that did not make the decade list

Entre caníbales (Since 20-5-2015 , Season: 1 - Telefé)

At age 17, Ariana was brutally raped by several boys. Twenty years later, she returns to seek revenge, finding that one of her assaulters is a mayor now.

CreatorJuan José Campanella
StarringNatalia Oreiro, Benjamín Vicuña & Joaquín Furriel
Themesrevenge, sexuality, drama,
Keywordsauthentic, dramatic, heartbreaking, intriguing,
CountryArgentina Uruguay
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El hipnotizador (Since 23-8-2015 , Season: 1 - HBO)

A mysterious hypnotist suffers from insomnia. In order to sleep again, he needs to find and fight the hypnotist who has given him his curse.

CreatorLeonardo Levis
StarringJorge Bolani, Gero Camilo & Ondina Clais Castilho
Similar tv showsPsi
Themesspirituality, drama,
Keywordsauthentic, based on a novel, dramatic, dreamlike, mysterious,
CountryArgentina Brazil Uruguay
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