When it comes to typical tough guy movies England is the place to be. British Gangster movies are starring the hardest men in the most dire circumstances. Not with your Hollywood tough guys a la Arnold Swarzenegger, but real hard men. The ones that don’t care about no-one, including themselves. The British Gangster movie genre is without a doubt one of the most popular genres of English Cinema. From the hardest hooligans, to street fighters, and from low-life criminals to high placed mobsters. Drugs, violence, money and sex is what it is all about.

What makes movies from England harder than hollywood movies? The accent.

RocknRolla - Tough English Gangster Movies

Top 5 Toughest and Best British Gangster Movies – Hard Man Movies

As you will see soon, Guy Ritchie (Madonna’s ex Husband) is dominating this list. He has admitted himself that he is very much drawn to the dark side of criminals.

Rocknrolla (2008)

Probably our favorite when it comes to the typical English/British crime movie. A Strong storyline, tough characters, cockney accents and great art direction. Guy Ritchie shows us the world of crime of London. How petty crooks are connected to the guys on top. This great film not only brings you the hardest men, but also some great jokes. Mark Strong shows you what it is like to be a real men. Once you master the ‘Archie Slap’ you can take on anybody.

Guy Ritchi said there would be a Sequel, but no developments have been seen yet.

The Archie Slap Scene in RocknRolla:


Snatch (2000)

Another Guy Ritchie film ranking high on our best English Gangster movies list. Snatch is a lot better known than for instance RocknRolla. Why? It is starring Brad Pitt (who actually does bring a great performance). So everyone who loved him in Fight Club, will love him here as a English low-life Gipsey who can fight like crazy. Alongside him you can find the leading boy of British Gangster films, Jason Statham who has now also made it to Hollywood with the Crank Movies. It comes in 120th on IMDB’s best movies list with an 8.3.

Trailer of Snatch:


The Long Good Friday (1980)

We are not only about recent films. This list would not be complete with this all-time English Gangster classic from the eighties. Probably the father of all later Gangster film from English soil. Bob Hoskins plays the successful British gangster Harold who has to fight off new people muscling in on his action. The Long Good Friday was nominated for a BAFTA Award. According to a lot of people this is one of the best English movies of all time. We agree, although it did not make it on our best English films list.


Lock, Stock and two Smoking Barrels (1998)

The film that made Guy Ritchie find his ‘niche’, and introduced us to what now are the familiar faces of the English Gangster movie genre: Jason Statham, ex Football Player Vinnie Jones (Mean Machine) and the likes of them. It was also nominated for a BAFTA Award but also did not win. Guy Ritchi did win a lot of other awards for his debut film.


In Bruges (2008)

Perhaps not taking place in England, but they definitely brought England to Belgium. The famous Collin Farrel stars alongside the fantastic Brandon Gleeson (check him out in the comedy ‘The Guard’). Together they are in Bruges for a Job. Things are not as simple as they seemed. We have seen thim film over and over. It was rightfully nominated for an Oscar.


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