Read about the most popular French movies in a top 5. While setting up the website we realised that the difference between the ‘best French films’ and the most ‘popular French films’ is rather significant. For a selection of the Movies in French with the best critiques you should have a look at our best French movies. Below you can find the top popular French movies of recent years, meaning the last five years or so. While older popular French movies have usually been of a rather low quality according to the critics, the same can’t be said of recent popular French films. Quality and giving the public what it wants, have come together. French film was very successful in 2011, and 2 of the films on that list are from that year. We hope you enjoy our list of top French Movies.

Top French Movies Popular - Intouchables

Top 5 Popular Recent French Films

In chronological order:

We have not included the top French movies that were already in our Best French films list: ‘Persepolis’, ‘A Prophet’ and ‘The Diving Bell and the Buttterfly’.

Ne le dis à personne – Tell No one (2006)


A popular French action movie that really gets the blood running. Famous French actor Francois Cluzet (Intouchables) plays the lead role, and he does this fabulously. Although it hardly received any international rewards, it did not take long for the big public to discover this film. It grossed around 6 million in the USA. It did receive 4 Cesar Awards. Although not quite the same, the feeling you get while watching this movie is similar to Liam Neeson’s surprising hit movie ‘Taken’.

Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis – Welcome to the Land of the Sticks (2008)


The French movie theaters had not sold that many tickets since the ‘Titanic’. It is a film about a postman who was sent to work in a remote Northern part of France. A place of which the whole of France looks down upon. It is a light French comedy that definitely ranks among the top French movies.It won hardly any awards, but it got its share of appreciation from the audience.

Entre Les Murs – The Class (2008)


A great and very famous French movie about education. An inspriational film for teachers and students a like. Feeling-wise it resembles the power of a good documtary. It was nominated for an Foreign Language film Oscar in 2009, and it won the prestigious Palme D’or Award at the Cannes Film festival. Also the international audience has opened it with open arms.

The Artist (2011)


This shall be no surprise to anyone. The French film that recently surprised Hollywood: silent films can still do well! It has been a while since a French movie got so much media attention and international recognition. It has won 5 Oscars and was nominated for a great bunch more.This and the next film have really showed that French Cinema is back. As French producers are claiming: this is only the beginning. Indeed, 2012 looks promising. (check out 2012’s French movies)

Intouchables (2011)


A heartwarming, but light popular French comedy that came out around the same time as the Artist. First the Artist got all the attention, and then people started realising there was another great movie from France that they could admire. It is quite rare that absolute top French movies come out so quickly after each other, but you do not hear us complain!

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