Top 10 most beautiful films – Visually stunning films of 2010-2016

Love (2015)

Cinematography by Benoit Debie

The Argentinian French director Gaspar Noe is mainly known for his cult film Enter the Void. A trippy film in the style of last year’s Spring Breakers. Now he is coming back, and is again working together with Benoit Debie. This one is quite graphic, but a stunner nonetheless.

Spectre (2015)

Cinematography by Hoyte van Hoytema

The last James Bond was quite different from the rest. In terms of narrative, but also definitely in terms of cinematography. The main cinematographer of the Coen Brothers, Roger Deaking, made it much more sober yet stylish. In 2015 van Hoytema is up for the challenge. We can’t wait to see what he makes of it. Update: we were actually quite disappointed in the film – especially regarding the director. It is definitely what we talked about above as being an empty shell.

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