The Hard Little Words: Prepositions, Adverbs, Conjunctions

A useful list with some definitions of medieval usage. 

ac (conj): and
ad modum: adv. very, quite; fully; + neg. = at all
ad huc/adhuc: thus far, as yet, still, in addition, in the future
aliquam: in some degree
aliqui -qua -quod: some, any
aliquis -qua -quid: someone, something; some, any
aliquando: at times, sometimes; once, formerly
aliquotiens: several times, at different times
at (form of ad = in addition to): but (intro startling transitions)
atque: and as well, even, together with, in everything;
            atque...atque, both..and
atqui: rather, however, but at any rate, but for all that (transition in arg.)
aut: or, at least, or else; aut...aut: either...or
autem: but, on the other hand, however
coram: adv. and prep. in the presence of, before
dehinc: adv. while, from here, from now, henceforth; then, next
deinde: adv. from there; then, afterwards; secondly, next (in order),
              in the second (next) place
demum: adv. at last, finally, not till then; precisely, exactly, just, in fact,
              certainly, to be sure; modo demum: only now, just now.
denique: adv. finally
donec: while, as long as, until
dum: conj. while, now; so long as, provided that, if only; until
enim: (conj) namely, indeed, certainly, in fact, for, because
eo quod: because
etenim: (conj) and indeed, for, as a matter of fact
etiam: also, besides; even, actually; (time) still
etsi: (conj.) though, although, and yet
fas (est): indecl. (it is) right, proper
huc: here, to this place; so far, for this purpose
ibi: there, then, therein, on that occassion
idcirco: for that reason, on that account, therefore
ideo: therefore, for this reason
illuc: (adv.) (to) there; to that; to him/her
immo: (adv.) or rather; indeed; no, yes (emphasis)
interdum: occasionally, sometimes, now and then
inde: from there, from that source, then, after; from then
iuxta: (adv) near by, alike, equally; (prep) close to, right after,
          near to, beside.
          iuxta (7th-15th c.): according to
          iuxta aliquid: to some extent
ita: thus, so, in this way; ita...ut: just as, so...that
          ita...quomodo: just as
licet: all right; (with dat + inf) it is right for someone to;
         (conj) although, even if
modo: only, just now
necnon: also, moreover, certainly, besides
nempe: to be sure, of course
non numquam: sometimes
nondum: not yet
nonnullus -a -um: some, several
nuper: recently, lately
nusquam: nowhere
ob: before, in front of; on account of, because of; for the sake of;
           instead of; in proportion to
           ob rem: to the purpose, usefully
           quam ob rem: wherefore, accordingly
olim: once; of old; one day
praeterea: besides, moreover; hereafter
postea: afterwards
postmodum: afterwards; presently
procul: far off
proinde: adv. consequently, therefore; just as
propterea: for that reason, therefore
prorsus/prorsum: (adv.) forwards; absolutely; in short
prout: (conj) according as
qua: (adv) where, as far as, how; qua..qua: partly...partly
qualibit: anywhere, any way, as you please
qualis -e: what sort of, what kind of, such as, as
qualiter: adv. how, as, just as
quam: (adv) how, how much; as, very
quamdiu: as long as; while; inasmuch as
quamquam: although
quamvis: (adv) however; (conj) although
quando: when (after nisi, ne) ever; (conj) when, since, because
quandoque: (adv) at some time; (conj) whenever, as often as, since
quantum: (adv) as much as, as far as, so much as, to what extent
quantus: how great, how much
         in quantum: to what extent
         quanto: for how much
quantum ad: in terms of, as far as x is concerned, with respect to
quapropter: wherefore
quare: by what means, how; why, wherefore
quasi: as if, as though
quatenus: adv.(inter.) how far, how long? (rel.) as far as, in so far as, since
quemadmodum: (adv) in what way, how; (conj) as, just as
quicquam: anything
quicumque quae- quod-: whoever, whatever; all that, any whatever
quidam quae- quid-: a certain one, someone, a kind of
quidem: indeed, in fact
quippe: adv. certainly, of course; conj.(explaining) for in fact, because,       
quisquam quid-: anyone, anything
quisque quidque: each, each one, every
quisquis, quidquid: whoever, whatever; all
quo: where, what for, to what end
quoad: as to, with respect to
quocumque: wither so ever, how so ever
quod: (conj) because, as far as, in so far as, as for the fact that, in that,
         quod si: but if
quodamodo: in a way
quomodo: how, in what way; (rel) as, just as
quondam: once, sometimes, formerly
quoniam: because, since, seeing that, now that
quoque: also, too
quot: how many; (conj) as many
quotiens: how often (rel) as often as
rursus: again, in turn
recte: rightly, correctly
rursum: again
sane: reasonably, sensibly; certainly, doubtless, truly; of course;
          c. neg. = really, at all; to be sure, however
scilicet: adv. evidently, naturally, of course; (as explan. particle:)
          namely, that is to say, in other words
semel: once
seu: = et
simul: at the same time; together; likewise
sin: but if
siquidem: if in fact; if only, if indeed; since indeed, since that
talis -e: adj. such, of such a kind, the following
taliter: in such a manner, so
tam: so, so greatly; tam...quam:, well as
tamen: yet, nevertheless, still
tamquam: as, just as; (conj) as if, just as if
tandem: at last, finally
tantum: (adv) so much, so greatly; to such a degree; so far; only
tantus -a -um (adj): of such (a size); so great, so much
tot: as many, so many
tunc: (avd) then, just the; thereupon, accordingly, consequently
ubicumque: wherever, everywhere
unde: whence, from where; wherefore; this being the case
usque: as far as, all the way, continually, straight on, up to; until
ut...ita: while...nevertheless
uterque -raque -rumque: both, each (of two)
utinam: would that, if only
utique: anyhow, at least, at any rate
utpote: as, in as much as
utrum: (conj) either, whether
velut: as, just as, as it were, as though
verumtamen: but yet, nevertheless
vero (conj): but, truly
videlicet: clearly, evidently; namely