The Old Macedonian or Ancient Macedonian language become extinct around 400 before Christ, but was spoken during the first millennium. It was replaced by Ancient Greek. It is part of the Hellenic/Greek language sub-group of Indo-European languages. Below you may find an overview of Old Macedonian words & and their meanings are translated into English.

Macedonian Indo-European
abagna (a rose)
abroutes (eyebrows) *bhrú- (an eyebrow)
agéma (avant guarde, guards;
agkalis (a sickle)
ahrounoi (boundary stones; nom. pl.)
alié (manure)
alixa, aliza (an alder) *ol-, *el-, Slavic *jelïxa (alder), Lithuanian alksnis (alder), Old High German elira, Old Icelandic alr, Latin alnus
amalé (gentle; fem.) *am- (to love), Latin amare, Lydian amas (loving)
argipous (an eagle)
arkon (leisure, idleness)
axos (wood)
bedu (water) *wed-, *wod- (wet, water)
danón (a murderer) Greek thanatos (death)
danos (death) Greek thanatos (death)
hetairoi (comrades; nom. pl.)
grabion (a sort of oak) *grabh-, Slavic *grabü (a hornbeam), Old Prussian wosigrabis (euonymus), Umbrian Grabovius (a god of oak)
ilas (a little oak)
kanadoi (jaws; nom. pl.)
klinotrokhon (a maple?) Bulgarian klen (a maple), Old Icelandic hlynr, Welsh kelyn, Lithuanian klevas (a maple)
kombous (molars; acc. pl.) *gombh- (a ledge), Russian zub (a tooth), Lithuanian z’ambas (a sharp thing), Sanskrit jambhas (a tooth), Albanian dhamp (a tooth), Tocharian kam (A), keme (B) (a tooth)