Best new Mystery books in 2016

The latest mystery novels, like Dark Rooms by Lili Anolik about the shooting of a 16-year-old girl called Nica, and the effect this had on her older sister who just can't let her go. The best mystery books of this year selected.
The Vore selects the top best Mystery books of 2016. Which modern authors can compete with Agatha Christie, Georges Simenon & John LeCarre in the Mystery genre?

Popular AuthorsLee Child, Dan Brown & James Patterson
Must-readsThe Girl on the Train, Career of Evil & The Stranger

10 new Mystery books 2016 top list

Recent Mystery books with reviews, ratings, similar books & download/buy links.

  1. Girl in the dark (16-02-2016)
  2. Mystery author Marion Pauw

    AuthorMarion Pauw (Daglicht)
    PublisherWilliam Morrow
    Keywordsheartbreaking • intriguing • memorable • page-turner •
    CountryNetherlands •
    Similar booksWhat remains of me
    Goodreads Review3.73/5
    LinkOfficial website
    Buy/stream itAmazon - iTunes

  3. Into Oblivion (09-02-2016)
  4. Mystery author Arnaldur Indriðason

    AuthorArnaldur Indriðason (Jar City)
    PublisherMinotaur Books
    Keywordsaction-packed • cunning • easy-to-read • hard-hitting • historical •
    CountryIceland •
    Similar booksThe Day is Dark
    Goodreads Review3.80/5
    LinkOfficial website
    Buy/stream itAmazon - iTunes

  5. Try Not to Breathe (23-02-2016)
  6. Mystery author Holly Seddon

    Video review by Sarah's Nightstand.

    AuthorHolly Seddon (Broken Worlds: Dystopian Stories )
    PublisherBallantine Books
    Keywordsmysterious • page-turner • unpredictable •
    CountryUnited Kingdom •
    Similar booksThe Girl on the Train
    Goodreads Review3.92/5
    LinkOfficial website
    Buy/stream itAmazon - iTunes

  7. Career of Evil (20-10-2015)
  8. Mystery author Robert Galbraith

    Video review by rincey reads.

    AuthorRobert Galbraith (The Cuckoo's Calling )
    PublisherMulholland Books
    Keywordsmysterious • page-turner • superb • thrilling •
    CountryUnited Kingdom •
    Similar booksA Banquet of Consequences
    Goodreads Review4.21/5
    LinkOfficial website
    Buy/stream itAmazon - iTunes

  9. The Bazaar of Bad Dreams (03-11-2015)
  10. Mystery author Stephen King

    Video review by Becky M.

    AuthorStephen King (It, Carrie & The Stand)
    Keywordsgreat • spooky • thrilling • uncanny •
    CountryUnited States •
    Similar booksSongs of a dead summer
    Goodreads Review3.95/5
    LinkOfficial website
    Buy/stream itAmazon - iTunes

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