Latvian, spoken in Latvia, is a beautiful Baltic Language. As the official Language of Latvia it is spoken in by 1.75 million people. Here have gathered nice short lists of words to get acquainted to the language. Latvian words & meanings translated to English and visa versa.

English to Latvian

arrive: 1. lerasties
book: 1. grâmata
bookshop: 1. grâmattirgotava
bookstore: 1. grâmattirgotava
end up: 1. lerasties
father: 1. têvs | 2. têvs
four: 1. cvetri
get: 1. lerasties
mother: 1. mâte
six: 1. seSvi
week: 1. nedêl,a

Latvian to English

grâmata: 1. book
grâmattirgotava: 1. bookshop; bookstore
mâte: 1. mother
nedêl,a: 1. week
seSvi: 1. six
cvetri: 1. four


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