If Italy is famous for one thing, then it is the Mafia & gangsters. Italian Mafia movies & Italian gangster movies have been very present in popular culture for a long time now. Italian’s themselves are usually not very proud of this fact, since the Mafia is of course a terrible organisation ruining the lives of many honest people. Nonetheless, it is difficult to not feel a sort of fascination for this organized crime syndicate. American Movies about Italian mobsters are very famous, but one cannot say the same about Italian movies about the Italian mafia. Here we have listed the most popular Italian Mafia movies originating from Italy.

Gomorra (2008)

Best Italian Mafia movies - Gomorrah

The for a Golden-Globe nominated gangster film by Matteo Garrone. Garrone surprised many critics with this great movie, and he has been making a new for himself since. This year a new movie will be released titled ‘The Big House’ about a family that participates in a gameshow. Gomorrah gives us an insight in to the way things are going for the modern-day crime organisations of Italy. Much of the romanticism you see in Hollywood gangster movies is nowhere to be found. It is a crime movie based on the work of Roberto Saviano, an Italian Journalist. He exposed the secrets of the Italian Mafia, The Camorra, and received death threats and had to get government protection.

Trailer of Gomorrah –


I Cento Passi (2000)

Italian ganster movies - I cento Passi

Another Italian gangster movie that has received a Golden Globe nomination. I Cento Passi or one Hundred Steps takes place in a time, the seventies, where politicians still refused to publicly acknowledge that the Mafia existed in Italy. In this crime film, based on a true story, the hundred steps meant the distance from the protagonist’s house to the house of a big Italian mobster. Peppino was one of the ones that experienced the dark side of the Mafia.

Trailer of I Cento Passi (we were unable to find an English Trailer)


More Italy gangster movies:

  • Placido Rizzotto (Trade Union Leader Killed by the Italian Mafia)
  • Salvatore Giuliano

We shall soon update this list of Italian Mafia movies with trailers and reviews. In the mean time you should have a look at our other Italian films!