As most people know, downloading movies through torrents is illegal. Downloading movies without paying for it is almost without exception illegal. As long as there is copyright involved, you have no right to stream or download anything.

So when are you legally allowed to download movies, tv series or ebooks?

Sure there are websites that for a limited period of time have gotten permission to share copyrighted works. But in general the only way to do it is by going for movies, tv series & ebooks that no longer are protected by copyright. The owners have either waived copyright, forgotten to extend it, or it has simply expired. Different rules apply internationally, but we try to take the appropriate set of applicable rules into account.

Several websites on the internet are specialized in gathering works in the public domain. focuses on anything media related, while websites like the Gutenberg are concerned with free books in the public domain. We only make use of the databases of such websites.

So how does it work?

We will provide links to the above mentioned websites. For movies and tv series this usually means you can either download these movies as a MPEG or MKV file. You can download it via a legal torrent. For books you can usually get an EPUB, PDF, Kindle or HTML or Plain text file.