Those poor Germans. Forever will they be associated with both World wars. A lot of German movies deal with war and persecution. In our other sections you should have a look at the other great films Germany has produced. In this section, however, you can find the very best German war movies in a top 5 (so not movies taking place in Germany, but war movies of German origin). Also to be purchased on DVD or watch them online.

Top 5 German movies about war

Let us kick off first with the most famous ones and recent war movies from Germany. In the last decade a few have been produced that are of absolute quality.

1. Downfall – Der untergang (2004)

This insanely good movie about the last days of the Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich ranks among the best films of the 00’s. We believe it is not only a great German film, but a great war movie by international standards. By clicking on the link you read the review and watch the trailer. We have already elaborately discussed it in our best German movies section.

2. Das Boot (1981)

Both the series and the movie are amongst the best portrayals of the reality of war. In thse case you should not only expect bloody and violent action scenes, but the even more terrifying waiting for what is to come. Das boot we have also already discussed, so you can see the trailer and read the review by clicking on the link. There you will also find our review of the TV Series.

3. Die Brucke – The Bridge (1959)

The Bridge can by now be considered to be an all-time German classic. The films demonstrates that the Nazi soldiers where also people, and gives us a better perspective from the German side of things. It also shows us how ridiculous some orders could be. It sets during the last phase of the war in 1945 when there were hardly any people left ro enlist. The movie was nominated for an Oscar (Best Foreign Language film)


4. Stalingrad (1993)

Stalingrad is, as the name gives away, about one of the most brutal and horrid battles fought during the Second World War at Stalingrad. The interesting about is that you see it through the eyes of a German officer. It is also a fascinating movie because it focuses on the Eastern Front instead of the Western front.


5. Counterfeiters – Die Falscher

This Oscar winning film is a truly captivating masterpiece. Perhaps it lacks the impact of Der Untergang, but entertainment and suspense wise it can easily compete. It is about one of the biggest counterfeiting operations of history, and it was run by the nazi’s. To achieve their plans they had to set aside some of their strongest resementments – they needed jews from the concentration camps to make it happen.


Some more German war flicks you could consider are: Sophie Scroll (2005), Napola – Elite für den Führer (2004), Stoßtrupp 1917 (1934), Europa Europa (1990).