Since forever are French movies associated with pure romance. France symbolizes for many people what love is. I am not talking about the harsh reality of love, but the perfect love you see in the movies. French romantic movies know like no other genre to lift you up your feet and make you dream away. It must have something to with the language, the setting and the ambiance. No matter what it is, it works.

Top Romantic French movies are fortunately not a rarity. There are quite some very good French romantic comedies out there. Here you can read and watch the trailers of the best French Romance films.

Top 5 Best French Romantic Movies

1. The Fabulous Life of Amelie Poulain (2001)

The number one of our favorite romantic French films is without a doubt Amelie. That comes as no surprise as it also our favorite normal French movie in our Best French Movies of all time. When it comes to romantic movies Amelie is every romantic’s dream movie. Each and every element of the film oozes romance. From the music (wonderful soundtrack by Yann Tiersen) to the characters, the setting and the storyline. Also the cinematography makes use of very pleasant warm colors. It’s the story of the naive young French girl who while she desperately wants to help people also finds her own love along the way. A great romance film with all kinds of magical llittle plotlines. It was nominated for 5 Oscars.

2. A Very Long Engagement (2004)

Fans of Audrey Tautoo (Amelie) can be relieved. Besides Amelie she plays in another French film that somewhat has the same atmosphere. Although this one is more serious, it still knows how to make the viewer’s heart melt. This romantic French movie is also by the same director Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Therefore it was marketed as the next Amelie, but this is not very true. It is, however, a great film in it’s own right. It is about a young girl who does not stop looking for her fiance who went missing during the First World War.

3. The Artist (2011)

This shall be no surprise to anyone. The film that recently shook up Hollywood: silent films can score! It has been a while since a French movie got so much media attention and international recognition. It has won 5 Oscars and was nominated for so many more.


It is also interesting that at the same time another French movie struck a chord with film fans around the world. I am talking about ‘Intouchables’ (2011) that is no in cinema’s all around the world. These two films have really showed that French Cinema is back. The Artist is more a typical romantic film so we have chosen that one.

4. Boyfriends & Girlfriends – L’amie de mon amie (1987)

Perhaps not your typical French romantic comedy, but we included it because we are crazy about it’s director Eric Romer. He recently passed away, but he still has a cult following in Europe. He is the master of the dialogue movies in romantic and esthetic settings. As all women know, talking is the key to one’s heart. We are convinced that when   spoken in French this will accelerate the falling in love process quite a bit. In this film a girl falls in love with her best friends’ boyfriend.

Beauty and the Beast – La belle et la bête (1946)

This one could not be missing on the list. The classic story brought to the screen by legendary French filmmaker Jean Cocteau. We are very happy that criterion collection has managed to give us a great trailer of this beautiful film. One of the most famous and touching love stories ever written. Most people know it of course from the animated version.