Memories of Overdevelopment


Memories of Overdevelopment

Cuban movies

Miguel Coyula
Bill Clinton Fidel Castro Anna Biani
Nov 26th, 2011
A highly acclaimed Cuban movie; an intellectual leaves Cuba to settle in a developed country but he finds himself staring at uncertainty of his new life. He feels like an alien with no ideology or perspective. Memories of Overdevelopment is directed by Miguel Coyula and was released on Nov 26th, 2011.

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Cinema Release DateSaturday November 26, 2011
DVD Release dateTBA
Netflix DVD release dateTBA
Netflix streamingNot available
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Production details

Director Miguel Coyula's movie Memories of Overdevelopment & was released 2011-11-26.

Costs: $0
Box Office Results: $0
Length/Runtime: 113 min