Hjem til Jul


Hjem til Jul (Home for Christmas)

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Hjem til Jul Film Poster Director
Bent Hamer
Nina Andresen Borud Arianit Berisha Joachim Calmeyer
Nov 12th, 2010
The beautiful movie brings into prospect the people who are striving to connect with their families and friends, or to any of those who are compassionate towards them.

Hjem til Jul is directed by Bent Hamer and was released on Nov 12th, 2010.

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Cinema Release DateFriday November 12, 2010
DVD Release dateTBA
Netflix DVD release dateTBA
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Production details

Director Bent Hamer's Comedy & Drama movie Hjem til Jul is produced by Bulbul Films & Pandora Filmproduktion & was released 2010-11-12.

Costs: $0
Box Office Results: $0
Length/Runtime: 90 min