Often people shy away from watching European movies because they feel it might be too pretentious, too arthouse and whatnot. Therefore we have selected some easy to watch films that require absolute no thinking whatsoever. Just some entertaining movies that are relaxing and easy. So get your popcorn and drinks and get ready for some carefree movies.

Top 5 Easy to watch films

The movies have been selected from our other lists. They can be from any of the European countries we discuss on this website. Most of them can also be bought in our DVD section or be watched online in our watch movies online section.

Welcome to the Sticks


A French film that took France by storm. It is one of those films that do not get tons of prestigious awards, but that are purely for the audience. And the French and international audience loved it. After Titannic, it is the best grossing movie in French cinema’s. Only 2011’s ‘Intouchables’ came close. Enjoy this very lighthearted French comedy about a postman who gets transferred to the north of France. For you this might sound nice, but most French people look down on the north with a strong feeling of superiority.

The Full Monty


This British comedy is besides an easy to watch movie also a very good movie. It even won an Oscar. The story is clear and simple. Six working class steel workers get sacked. They do not know what to do. The answer is clear: form a striptease act. This is all taking place in a typical little English village. Wondering what The full monty means? Complete nudity.

Flickering Lights


A very funny Danish film that is actually rather ridiculous, but very entertaining. It is a film by Thomas Anders Jensen who made a few more films that all belong to one trilogy. We recommend all of them. In Flickering LIghts a few small time crooks try to flee from a mobster of whom they have stoley some money. When they are on the run they have to stop at a farm. Due to some circumstances they cannot leave and decide to turn to farm into a restaurant as a cover.

Knocking on Heaven’s Door


An excellent German flick with the now very popular Thierry van Werveke. The trailer is English spoken, but the actual film is in German. It is about two guys who meet eachother in a hospital. They are both terminally ill. They decide to go on one last adventure together. They start by stealing a car from a couple of gangsters!

Got some more suggestions for the best Easy to watch movies? Let us know!