Danish is part of the Scandinavian branch of the Germanic family. It is spoken by about five million people in Denmark, the Faeroes, and Greenland.

There is a large body of oral ballads from the medieval period. Danish was first written in the thirteenth century, and the Bible was translated into Danish during the Reformation.


Our Danish dictionary with translations into English

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The same 26 letters as English plus œ, å, and ø.



Stops: p, b, t, d, k, g, ʔ

Fricatives: f, v, s, ʃ. h, ð, ɤ, j

Nasals: m, n, ŋ

Lateral: l

Uvular trill: ʀ


Front: i, e, ɛ, y, ø, œ

Central: a

Back: ɔ, o, u

Neutral: ə

All consonants are short. Danish spelling is slightly irregular; for instance initial p, t, k are aspirated; non-initially all of the stops become vocalized and unaspirated; g is silent in certain environments.

The glottal stop (stød) is equivalent to the acute tone in Norwegian and Swedish.

Stress is usually on the first syllable of the root.


Word Order

SVO. OVS can be used for emphasis.


The definite article is formed by a suffix: –en = common, –et = neuter, –ene the plural of either gender. If an adjective is present, the suffix is replaced by the demonstratives den, det andde.


There are two genders: common and neuter. Nouns are pluralized in -e, -(e)r, or . The genitive suffix is -s, all other cases are indicated by prepositions.


Adjectives precede the noun. They add -t if the noun is a neuter singular. Comparatives are made using -(e)re.


Personal Pronouns




  nominative objective nominative objective
1 jeg mig vi os
2 du dig I der
2 polite De Dem De Dem
3m han ham De Dem
3f hun hende
3n den den

Possessive Pronouns

  singular plural
1 min, mit, mine vor, vort, vore
2 din, dit, dine jeres
3 hans, hende, dens/dets deres

Interrogative Pronouns

who? hvem
what? hvad


one en
two to
three tre
four fire
five fem
six seks
seven syv
eight otte
nine ni
ten ti
eleven elleve
twelve tolv
thirteen tretten
twenty tyve
thirty tredive