Carian is an ancient and extinct language that used to be spoken in Caria, near to Anatolia.  Below is provided a glossary that can be used to comprehend this centuries old language. Many words are similar to Anatolian.

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Notes for Glossary:
T – a Carian palatal sound usually transcribed as Greek “tau”
t_ – a Carian sound usually written as t with a line under it; pronounced [t], while Carian t sounded [th]
N – nasal [n]

Carian Indo-European Anatolian
avka (definition, situation) Lydian avka- (a situation)
cehi (him) Lycian se-si (him)
ebad, epad (here) *ebho- (he, that) Lydian ebad- (here, there)
glous (a robber, a pirate) Hittite halluwa’i- (to be at odds)
kaphe’nos (a personal name)  Latin ops (wealth) Hittite happinant- (wealthy)
kas- (a personal name) Hieroglyphic hasami- (a nation)
kave (a priest) Lydian kave (a priest)
kuo (which, that) *kwi- (relative pronoun) Hittite kui- (which)
lile (atonement) Hittite lila- (atonement)
lukk- (a Leleg) Luwian lulahi- (a Leleg)
mava (goddess Ma) Lycian mawa, Lydian mavs’
mesna (a deity) Lycian mahaN (a god)
mukwar (a prayer) Hittite mugawar (a prayer)
nt_a (in, inside) *en (inside) Lycian Nte (in)
p-, -p, -b (he) *ebho- (he, that) Hittite apa- (he, that)
para- Greek para, Latin pro, Slavic pro- Lycian pri-
ravmi (liberated) Hittite arawa- (free)
sangodos (a personal name) *sen- (old)
sar (up, above) Latin per, Lithuanian per, Slavic po- Lycian hri (up)
sav- (to glorify)
sav, sava (something good) Lydian sav- (good)
sfes (self; reflexive possessive pronoun) *swe- (reflexive pronoun) Lydian s’fa- (self; reflexive pronoun)
sla-, slars (to honour the memory) *selH- (to favour) Lycian hla- (to glorify)
st_esas (a tomb)
-t-, -T- (this) Lydian ti- (this)
tavse (powerful) *teu- (powerful) Lydian tavs’a- (power)
truoles (a personal name) *treu- (to flourish) Hittite tarawa’i- (to get rich)
uk (I, me) *eg’hom (I, me) Hittite uk (I, me)
ul-, velvu- *wel- (to wish) Hittite walla- (to praise)
ussos (a spear), ussollos (a spear-carrier) *wedh- (to thrust, to beat) Lycian A wazzis- (an army)