It cannot be denied that French gangster movies are among the best Mafia and gangster movies in the world. French cinema was there rather early with old classics in the sixties, but also in 2000’s a few top new crime films were produced in France. Here the best recent French crime & gangser movies in a top 5. 

Best of French crime cinema - Un prophete

Best recent crime films from France

The list only deals with the greatest ones produced from the 1980’s to 2013. They can be purchased in our DVD section and sometimes even watched online.

Un prophete- A prophet (2009)

This movie was France’s admission for the Oscar for best Foreign Language film in 2010, but it was not meant to be. Other film festivals did know how to value it. For instance, it received the Grand Prize of the Jury at the Cannes Festival and it also won a BAFTA Award. The film tells the tale of a young French-Arabic boy, who goes to prison. He has been to a Juvenal prison before, but this is something more daunting. To his own surprise he grows out to be a central and respectable figure taking charge of the prison. Not just inside the prison, but also outside.

La Cercle Rouge – Undisputed French crime classic

For many the very best French crime and Gangster movie out there. This great film made in the 70′ still makes a great impression. It is directed by Jean-Pierre Melville, who also has the sixties gangster movie ‘Le Samourai‘ to his name. Here a great quality trailer in HD.

Polisse – French police movie

A great recent film that is painfully realistic. It is not about gangster, and not even about slick crime scenes, but about the real horrors in society. Polisse offers us an insight into the daily activities of the juvenile division investigating sex offenses and the like. Terrific police movie.

Tell no one – Action movie

One of our favorite action movies of the last decade, including American ones. Shows us a great deal about the French underground crime scene.