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Enjoy free British culture to supplement our language courses. United Kingdom is the film country of British filmmakers like Ken Loach, Mike Leigh & Richard Attenborough. Explore United Kingdom's public domain cinema, television & literature on The Vore. Legally watch free British movies online with English subtitles (Youtube, Hulu & Netflix etc.) to improve your language skills, and add legal tv series & movies with British subtitles to help out.

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Where to watch movies in United Kingdom? (Paid services)
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Free British movies in the public domain.

Our selection of public domain British movies & short films on Youtube, & Vimeo.

To turn on English subtitles for Youtube video's you might have to click on the CC Button.

  • Young and Innocent

    The movie Young and Innocent (Crime,Thriller,) from 1937 by Alfred Hitchcock with Nova Pilbeam, Derrick De Marney & George Curzon.

    80 minutes • United Kingdom • Fascinating • Twisted •

    - Watch Young and Innocent online!

  • The Lady Vanishes

    The movie The Lady Vanishes (Comedy,Thriller,) from 1938 by Alfred Hitchcock with Margaret Lockwood, Michael Redgrave & Paul Lukas.

    97 minutes • United Kingdom • Hilarious • Spell-binding •

    - Watch The Lady Vanishes online!

  • Secret Agent

    The movie Secret Agent (Spy,Thriller,) from 1936 by Alfred Hitchcock with John Gielgud, Peter Lorre & Madeleine Carroll.

    86 minutes • United Kingdom • Entertaining • Pleasant •

    - Watch Secret Agent online!

  • A Matter of Life and Death

    The movie A Matter of Life and Death (Fantasy,Romance,) from 1946 by Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger with David Niven, Kim Hunter & Roger Livesey.

    104 minutes • United Kingdom • Adorable • Pleasant •

    - Watch A Matter of Life and Death online!

  • As You Like It

    The movie As You Like It (Drama,Historical,) from 1936 by Paul Czinner with Elisabeth Bergner, Laurence Olivier & Sophie Stewart.

    97 minutes • United Kingdom • Based on a Novel • Nice •

    - Watch As You Like It online!

  • Great Expectations

    The movie Great Expectations (Drama,Romance,) from 1946 by David Lean with John Mills, Valerie Hobson & Alec Guinness.

    118 minutes • United Kingdom • Based on a Novel • Mysterious •

    - Watch Great Expectations online!

  • The Divorce of Lady X

    The movie The Divorce of Lady X (Comedy,Romance,) from 1938 by Tim Whelan with Merle Oberon, Laurence Olivier & Binnie Barnes.

    91 minutes • United Kingdom • Hilarious • Predictable •

    - Watch The Divorce of Lady X online!

  • Seven Sinners

    The movie Seven Sinners (Crime,Thriller,) from 1936 by Albert de Courville with Edmund Lowe, Constance Cummings & Thomy Bourdelle.

    69 minutes • United Kingdom • Romantic • Thrilling •

    - Watch Seven Sinners online!

  • Sabotage

    The movie Sabotage (Drama,Thriller,) from 1936 by Alfred Hitchcock with Sylvia Sidney, Oskar Homolka & John Loder.

    75 minutes • United Kingdom • Amusing • Marvelous •

    - Watch Sabotage online!

All these above English subtitled British movies can be watched without downloading. But if you wish, you CAN legally download public domain movies.

Paid British movies on Netflix, Amazon & Mubi

  • The Imitation Game

    The movie The Imitation Game (Based on true events,Biographical,) from 2014 by Morten Tyldum with Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley & Matthew Goode.

    114 minutes • United Kingdom • Heartbreaking • Historical •

    - The Imitation Game is available to watch online via Netflix.

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Where to stream tv online in United Kingdom? (Paid services)

Free subtitled British tv series on Hulu, Youtube etc.

United Kingdom is also the country of British tv series like Downton Abbey, Broadchurch & Sherlock. Check out which ones are available online.

Paid British tv series on Netflix, Amazon & Mubi

  • Utopia

    The tv show Utopia (Mystery,Science Fiction,) from 2013 by Dennis Kelly with Fiona O'Shaughnessy, Alexandra Roach & Nathan Stewart-Jarrett.

    50 minutes • United Kingdom • Frightening • Spot-on •

    Utopia is available to Watch online via

  • The Fall

    The tv show The Fall (Drama,Thriller,) from 2013 by Allan Cubitt with Gillian Anderson, Jamie Dornan & John Lynch.

    60 minutes • United Kingdom • Believable • Intense •

    The Fall is available to Watch online via


Where to download ebooks in United Kingdom? (Paid services)

Free British ebooks in the public domain.

Don't forget United Kingdom is the country of awesome British authors like Charles Dickens, Julian Barnes & Zadie Smith.

The best introductory free British ebooks on the net.

You can get them as text file, EPUB, PDF or Kindle.

  • Bleak House

    The book Bleak House (Drama,Political,) from 1853 by Charles Dickens published by Bradbury & Evans.

    709 pages • United Kingdom

    - Download Bleak House online!

  • Kim

    The book Kim (Adventure,Drama,) from 1901 by Rudyard Kipling published by Macmillan.

    340 pages • United Kingdom

    - Download Kim online!

  • Gulliver's Travels

    The book Gulliver's Travels (Adventure,Quest,) from 1726 by Jonathan Swift published by Benjamin Motte, Jr.

    336 pages • United Kingdom

    - Download Gulliver's Travels online!

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