Best new German books in 2016

A list with recommendations for the latest German literature. The best books of this year, if you appreciate writers like Daniel Kehlmann, who wrote Measuring the World, check out this list with books.
The Vore selects the top best German books of 2017. Which modern authors can compete with Thomas Mann, Günter Grass & Heinrich Böll in the German genre?

Popular AuthorsLutz Seiler, Kristine Bilkau & Robert Seethaler
Must-readsKruso, Ein Ganzes Leben & Die Glücklichen

10 new German books out now in 2017 top list

Recent German books with reviews, ratings, similar books & download/buy links.

  1. Unterleuten (08-03-2016)
  2. German author Juli Zeh

    AuthorJuli Zeh (Spieltrieb )
    PublisherLuchterhand Literaturverlag
    Keywordsoutstanding • thought provoking • thrilling •
    CountryGermany •
    Similar booksDas Ungeheuer by Terézia Mora
    Goodreads Review4.14/5
    LinkOfficial website
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  3. Am Ende bleiben die Zedern (01-03-2016)
  4. German author Pierre Jarawan

    AuthorPierre Jarawan (Anders sein ist ganz normal )
    PublisherBerlin Verlag
    Keywordsstriking • touching •
    CountryGermany •
    Similar booksGehen, ging, gegangen by Jenny Erpenbeck
    Goodreads Review4.08/5
    LinkOfficial website
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  5. Winterhonig (01-05-2016)
  6. German author Daniela Ohms

    AuthorDaniela Ohms (Harpyienblut )
    Keywordshistorical • pretty •
    CountryGermany •
    Goodreads Review4.65/5
    LinkOfficial website
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  7. Fallensteller (09-05-2016)
  8. German author Saša Stanišić

    AuthorSaša Stanišić (Vor dem Fest )
    PublisherLuchterhand Literaturverlag
    Keywordsincomparable • intuitive • mystical •
    CountryGermany •
    Similar booksWie der Soldat das Grammofon repariert
    Goodreads Review3.71/5
    LinkOfficial website
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  9. Y (12-02-2016)
  10. German author Jan Böttcher

    AuthorJan Böttcher (Das Lied vom Tun und Lassen)
    PublisherAufbau Verlag
    Keywordsinspirational • romantic • tragic •
    CountryGermany •
    Similar booksGeld oder Leben
    Goodreads Review3.81/5
    LinkOfficial website
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