Best new Techno albums, songs & artists in 2016

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The Vore selects the top best Techno albums of 2020. Who are the new Juan Atkins, Derrick May & Paul van Dyk in the Techno genre?
Popular artistsMatrixxman, Scuba & Zenker Brothers
Most listened to songs:Aisha Devi - Kim & The Wheel Of Life, Bjarki - I Wanna Go Bang & Karen Gwyer - Brunch Music

Top 10 new Techno albums out now in 2020

Recent Techno albums with reviews, ratings, similar artists, best songs & soundcloud streams.

  1. DUST - Agony Planet (22-01-2016)
  2. Techno artist DUST
    Agony Planet - a 22-01-2016 album by DUST who also made . Music fans who enjoyed should check out Agony Planet . It is Techno with Dance, Electronic, and more influences. The best track on Agony Planet is Breeding Pit (soundcloud below).

    Pitchfork Review6.8%
    Keywordsdynamic • energetic •
    CountryUnited States •
    Coolest Videoclip
    Official websiteDUST
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  3. Floorplan - Victorious (17-06-2016)
  4. Techno artist Floorplan
    Victorious - a 17-06-2016 album by Floorplan who also made Paradise. Music fans who enjoyed Robert Hood should check out Victorious. It is Techno with Electronic, IDM, and more influences. The best track on Victorious is Tell You No Lie (soundcloud below).

    Pitchfork Review6.8%
    Keywordsrepetitive • synthetic •
    CountryUnited States •
    Coolest Videoclip
    Official websiteFloorplan
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  5. Acronym - Entagled in Vines (04-09-2016)
  6. Techno artist Acronym
    Entagled in Vines - a 04-09-2016 album by Acronym who also made June. Music fans who enjoyed Voices From The Lake should check out Entagled in Vines . It is Techno with Alternative Rock, and more influences. The best track on Entagled in Vines is Enter (soundcloud below).

    Keywordsdanceable • lush •
    CountrySweden •
    Coolest Videoclip
    Official websiteAcronym
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  7. Juan Atkins & Moritz Von Oswald - Transport (29-04-2016)
  8. Techno artist Juan Atkins & Moritz Von Oswald
    Transport - a 29-04-2016 album by Juan Atkins & Moritz Von Oswald who also made Borderland. Music fans who enjoyed The Orb should check out Transport. It is Techno with Deep House, Electronic, and more influences. The best track on Transport is Riod (soundcloud below).

    Allmusic Review80%
    Keywordsatmospheric • repetitive •
    CountryGermany • United States •
    Coolest Videoclip
    Official websiteJuan Atkins & Moritz Von Oswald
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  9. Matrixxman - Homesick (10-07-2015)
  10. Techno artist Matrixxman
    Homesick - a 10-07-2015 album by Matrixxman who also made Nubian Metropolis. Music fans who enjoyed Jeff Mills should check out Homesick. It is Techno with Electronic, House, and more influences. The best track on Homesick is Augmented (soundcloud below).

    Allmusic Review80%
    Keywordsfuturistic • cold •
    CountryUnited States •
    LengthJuly 10, 2015
    Coolest VideoclipArtificial Intelligence
    Official websiteMatrixxman
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  11. Dasha Rush - Sleepstep (14-04-2015)
  12. Techno artist Dasha Rush
    Sleepstep - a 14-04-2015 album by Dasha Rush who also made Relativismi. Music fans who enjoyed Aerea Negrot should check out Sleepstep . It is Techno with Electronic, and more influences. The best track on Sleepstep is Sleepstep Preview (soundcloud below).

    Allmusic Review70%
    Keywordsdreamy • synth-heavy •
    CountryRussian Federation •
    Coolest VideoclipOcean Shy
    Official websiteDasha Rush
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  13. Zenker Brothers - Immersion (13-02-2015)
  14. Techno artist Zenker Brothers
    Immersion - a 13-02-2015 album by Zenker Brothers who also made Activator/Namuan. Music fans who enjoyed Marco Zenker should check out Immersion . It is Techno with Electronic, IDM, and more influences. The best track on Immersion is Immersion (soundcloud below).

    Keywordsaddictive • agressive •
    CountryGermany •
    Coolest VideoclipHeeman
    LabelIlian Tape
    Official websiteZenker Brothers
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  15. Laurel Halo - In Situ (30-10-2015)
  16. Techno artist Laurel Halo
    In Situ - a 30-10-2015 album by Laurel Halo who also made Quarantine. Music fans who enjoyed Oneohtrix Point Never should check out In Situ. It is Techno with IDM, Jazz, and more influences. The best track on In Situ is In Situ (soundcloud below).

    Allmusic Review70%
    Keywordsjazzy • psychedelic •
    CountryGermany •
    Coolest VideoclipFocus 1
    LabelHonest Jon’s
    Official websiteLaurel Halo
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  17. Scuba - Claustrophobia (26-03-2015)
  18. Techno artist Scuba
    Claustrophobia - a 26-03-2015 album by Scuba who also made Triangulation . Music fans who enjoyed George Fitzgerald should check out Claustrophobia. It is Techno with Ambient, IDM, and more influences. The best track on Claustrophobia is Why Do You Feel So Low (soundcloud below).

    Pitchfork Review81%
    Keywordshaunting • dynamic • electronic •
    CountryUnited Kingdom •
    Coolest VideoclipWhy You Feel So Low
    Official websiteScuba
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Upcoming new 2020 Techno albums

Best upcoming Techno albums with release dates.

  1. A Thousand's Year Wait• by Mosca
  2. Mosca is signed with Ann Aimee in 2020
    Release Date: 15-02-2016 // Label: Ann Aimee
    Previous releases: A Thousand's Year Wait
    Associated genre: Techno Electronic • House • .
    Official website

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