Best new Synthpop albums, songs & artists in 2016

Synthpop was all over the place in the 1980’s until everyone got fed up wit hits synthetic sound in the 90’s and moved on to grunge and shoegaze. In recent years we’ve seen a strong revival though!
The Vore selects the top best Synthpop albums of 2020. Who are the new Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode & Orchestral Manouevres in the Dark in the Synthpop genre?
Popular artistsChvrches, Chromatics & Porches
Most listened to songs:Chvrches - Leave a Trace, Neon Indian - Annie & Young Galaxy - Pressure

Top 10 new Synthpop albums out now in 2020

Recent Synthpop albums with reviews, ratings, similar artists, best songs & soundcloud streams.

  1. C Duncan - The Midnight Sun (14-10-2016)
  2. Synthpop artist C Duncan
    The Midnight Sun - a 14-10-2016 album by C Duncan who also made Architect. Music fans who enjoyed Cocteau Twins should check out The Midnight Sun. It is Synthpop with Electropop, Folk, and more influences. The best track on The Midnight Sun is On Course (soundcloud below).

    Allmusic Review
    Keywordsethereal • melancholy •
    CountryUnited Kingdom •
    Coolest VideoclipWanted To Want it Too
    Official websiteC Duncan
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  3. Lust For Youth - Compassion (18-03-2016)
  4. Synthpop artist Lust For Youth
    Compassion - a 18-03-2016 album by Lust For Youth who also made International. Music fans who enjoyed Cold Cave should check out Compassion. It is Synthpop with New Wave, Post-Punk, and more influences. The best track on Compassion is Stardom (soundcloud below).

    Pitchfork Review6.2%
    CountryDenmark •
    Coolest VideoclipSudden Ambitions
    LabelSacred Bones
    Official websiteLust For Youth
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  5. Porches - Pool (05-02-2016)
  6. Synthpop artist Porches
    Pool - a 05-02-2016 album by Porches who also made Slow Dance in the Cosmos . Music fans who enjoyed Wild Nothing should check out Pool. It is Synthpop with Indie Pop, Pop, and more influences. The best track on Pool is Car (soundcloud below).

    Pitchfork Review8.3%
    Keywordsaddictive • danceable •
    CountryUnited States •
    Coolest VideoclipUnderwater
    Official websitePorches
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  7. Junior Boys - Big Black Coat (05-02-2016)
  8. Synthpop artist Junior Boys
    Big Black Coat - a 05-02-2016 album by Junior Boys who also made So This Is Goodbye. Music fans who enjoyed Pet Shop Boys should check out Big Black Coat . It is Synthpop with Electropop, House, and more influences. The best track on Big Black Coat is Big Black Coat (soundcloud below).

    Pitchfork Review8.0%
    Keywordsmelancholy • glossy •
    CountryCanada •
    Coolest VideoclipBig Black Coat
    LabelCity Slang
    Official websiteJunior Boys
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  9. Chvrches - Every Open Eye (28-09-2015)
  10. Synthpop artist Chvrches
    Every Open Eye - a 28-09-2015 album by Chvrches who also made The Bones of What You Believe. Music fans who enjoyed Kate Boy should check out Every Open Eye. It is Synthpop with New Wave, Pop, and more influences. The best track on Every Open Eye is Leave A Trace (soundcloud below).

    Pitchfork Review77%
    Keywordscatchy • electronic • uplifting •
    CountryUnited Kingdom •
    Coolest VideoclipEmpty Threat
    Official websiteChvrches
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  11. Young Galaxy - Falsework (30-10-2015)
  12. Synthpop artist Young Galaxy
    Falsework - a 30-10-2015 album by Young Galaxy who also made Ultramarine . Music fans who enjoyed Still Corners should check out Falsework. It is Synthpop with Dream Pop, Electropop, and more influences. The best track on Falsework is Pressure (soundcloud below).

    Allmusic Review80%
    Keywordspoppy • melancholy •
    CountryCanada •
    Coolest VideoclipBody
    LabelPaper Bag
    Official websiteYoung Galaxy
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  13. Neon Indian - VEGA INTL. Night School (14-10-2015)
  14. Synthpop artist Neon Indian
    VEGA INTL. Night School - a 14-10-2015 album by Neon Indian who also made Psychic Chasms . Music fans who enjoyed Toro Y Moi should check out VEGA INTL. Night School. It is Synthpop with Chillwave, Disco, Electropop, and more influences. The best track on VEGA INTL. Night School is Slumlord (soundcloud below).

    Pitchfork Review86%
    Keywordsretro • trippy •
    CountryUnited States •
    Coolest VideoclipSlumlord Rising
    Official websiteNeon Indian
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  15. Telekinesis - Ad Infinitum (10-09-2015)
  16. Synthpop artist Telekinesis
    Ad Infinitum - a 10-09-2015 album by Telekinesis who also made Dormarion . Music fans who enjoyed Small Black should check out Ad Infinitum. It is Synthpop with Indie Pop, and more influences. The best track on Ad Infinitum is In A Future World (soundcloud below).

    Pitchfork Review64%
    Keywordscatchy • electronic •
    CountryUnited States •
    Coolest VideoclipIn a Future World
    Official websiteTelekinesis
    Listen onAmazon or iTunes

  17. Hot Chip - Why Make Sense? (20-05-2015)
  18. Synthpop artist Hot Chip
    Why Make Sense? - a 20-05-2015 album by Hot Chip who also made In Our Heads . Music fans who enjoyed LCD Soundsystem should check out Why Make Sense?. It is Synthpop with Electropop, House, and more influences. The best track on Why Make Sense? is Need You Now (soundcloud below).

    Pitchfork Review73%
    Keywordsquirky • catchy • danceable •
    CountryUnited Kingdom •
    Coolest VideoclipHuarache Lights
    Official websiteHot Chip
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Upcoming new 2020 Synthpop albums

Best upcoming Synthpop albums with release dates.

  1. Moth• by Chairlift
  2. Chairlift is signed with Columbia in 2020
    Release Date: 22-01-2016 // Label: Columbia
    Previous releases: Something
    Associated genre: Synthpop .
    Official website

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