Homyel is redelijk, iconisch,  /  Homyel (Gomel Voblast, Belarus) has 526,872 inhabitants, and a size (surface area) of 135.34 km². It is near Hrodna Maladzyechna Minsk . The Vore provides the cost of living in Homyel, and the salary required to live there.

Local information & average prices

Map of Homyel

Minimum wage (Year) $114.95
Income per capita (GDP - PPP) $4,855
Average salary (Month) $200.00

Local alcohol information & average prices

Drink a beer at Garry Porter & Becker Bar or go clubbing at Nemo Club & Europa in Homyel? Or buy your pre-drinks and cigarettes at Amatista & Euroopt? The alcohol price level is rated 26/100. The Vore provides Homyel's alcohol prices, and shows you the best local places.
Legal drinking age 18
Legal smoking age N/A
Price pack of cigarettes $1.19
Local beer brands Brew Team Cafe com Leite & TRYE Beer Khmelishcha
Price of coffee $1.44


Price of local beer (0,5L) $1.10

Most popular pubs/bars in Homyel

  • Garry Porter

    Location Dostoevsky St 1/1, Gomel, Belarus
    Phone number +375 29 605 0008
    Contact Website

  • Becker Bar

    Photo of Becker Bar in Homyel
    Location Str. Sovetskaya 11, Gomel, Belarus
    Phone number +375 232 757271
    Contact Website

Most popular clubs in Homyel

Price of a cocktail $1.55

  • Nemo Club

    Photo of Nemo Club in Homyel
    Location St. Quay 2, Gomel, Belarus
    Phone number +375 29 665 7795
    Contact Website

  • Europa

    Photo of Europa in Homyel
    Location Pl. Lenina 2, Gomel, Belarus
    Phone number +375 232 757420
    Contact Website

Where to buy alcohol in Homyel? Supermarkets & Liquor stores

Price of supermarket beer (0.5L) $0.87
Price of local wine (bottle) $5.57

  • Amatista

    Location St. Kirov 35, Gomel, Belarus

  • Euroopt

    Location Str. Zaslonova 1D, Gomel, Belarus
    Contact Website

General real estate information & average prices

Interested in buying or renting a house or apartment in Homyel? Or right next to Gomel Palace & Park Ensemble? The real estate price level is (/100). The Vore talks Homyel's housing prices, mortgage interest rates, and the best neighborhoods.

Monthly costs of renting

Rent in city centre $185
Rent in cheaper area $125
Costs of internet $9
Costs of electricity, water and heating $45


Apartment city centre buy price (per m2) $535
Cheaper area apartment (per m2) $480
Mortgage interest rate 35.00%

Homyel's Neighborhoods

Real estate agents in Homyel

No agents listed.

Useful websites for finding a place in Homyel:

Local food information & average prices

Going to eat at Karchma Budzma & Red Pub in Homyel? Or buy food at supermarkets like Almi & Arkada Supermarket Odo Kontakt? The price level of food in Homyel is acceptabel(49/100). The Vore provides Homyel's restaurant & food prices, and shows you the best local places.
The city is redelijk, iconisch, and in terms of food costs it's acceptabel.
Price of budget restaurant $9.29
Price of local food restaurant $15.60
Fastfood prices (like McDonalds) $5.58
Price of bread $0.65
Price of milk $0.79

Best food places

Most popular restaurants in Homyel

    Karchma Budzma

    Type of restaurant Fine dining
    Location Privokzalnaya Street 3, Gomel, Belarus

    Red Pub

    Type of restaurant Local restaurant
    Location Lenina Avenue, 10, Gomel, Belarus

    Restaurant FaSol

    Type of restaurant Fine dining
    Location Sovetskaya St., 36, Gomel, Belarus

Great local market places in Homyel

No markets listed.

List of supermarkets in Homyel

    Arkada Supermarket Odo Kontakt

    Location Internacyjanaĺnaja St, Gomel, Belarus
    Phone number +375 232 57-00-92


    Location Mazuraŭ St 79, Gomel, Belarus
    Contact Website


    Location улица Юбилейная, vulica Cimafiejenki 8, Gomel, Belarus
    Phone number +375 44 788-88-80
    Contact Website