Best new Electropop albums, songs & artists in 2016

Electropop is more than sugary teen pop artists like Selena Gomez and Britney Spears. With this list we want to prove so at least.
The Vore selects the top best Electropop albums of 2020. Who are the new Pet Shop Boys, Kraftwerk & Giorgio Moroder in the Electropop genre?
Popular artistsChvrches, Shamir & Porches
Most listened to songs:Chvrches - Leave a Trace, Shamir - Call it Off & Porches - Be Apart

Top 10 new Electropop albums out now in 2020

Recent Electropop albums with reviews, ratings, similar artists, best songs & soundcloud streams.

  1. Jessy Lanza - Oh No (13-05-2016)
  2. Electropop artist Jessy Lanza
    Oh No - a 13-05-2016 album by Jessy Lanza who also made Pull My Hair Back. Music fans who enjoyed The Knife should check out Oh No. It is Electropop with R&B, Synthpop, and more influences. The best track on Oh No is VV Violence (soundcloud below).

    Pitchfork Review7.9%
    Keywordselectronic • synth-heavy •
    CountryCanada •
    Coolest VideoclipIt Means I Love You
    Official websiteJessy Lanza
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  3. Tiga - No Fantasy Required (04-03-2016)
  4. Electropop artist Tiga
    No Fantasy Required - a 04-03-2016 album by Tiga who also made Sexor. Music fans who enjoyed Soulway should check out No Fantasy Required. It is Electropop with House, and more influences. The best track on No Fantasy Required is Make Me Fall In Love (soundcloud below).

    Allmusic Review70%
    Keywordsdanceable • glossy • smooth •
    CountryCanada •
    Coolest Videoclip
    Official websiteTiga
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  5. Junior Boys - Big Black Coat (04-02-2016)
  6. Electropop artist Junior Boys
    Big Black Coat - a 04-02-2016 album by Junior Boys who also made So This Is Goodbye. Music fans who enjoyed Tiga should check out Big Black Coat. It is Electropop with Pop, Techno, and more influences. The best track on Big Black Coat is What You Won't Do For Love (soundcloud below).

    Pitchfork Review80%
    Keywordsmelancholy • glossy •
    CountryCanada •
    Coolest VideoclipBig Black Coat
    LabelCity Slang
    Official websiteJunior Boys
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  7. Santigold - 99¢ (23-02-2016)
  8. Electropop artist Santigold
    99¢ - a 23-02-2016 album by Santigold who also made Santogold . Music fans who enjoyed Charli XCX should check out 99¢. It is Electropop with Electronic, Synthpop, and more influences. The best track on 99¢ is Can't Get Enough of Myself (soundcloud below).

    Pitchfork Review68%
    Keywordspoppy • eighties • weird •
    CountryUnited States •
    Coolest VideoclipChasing Shadows
    Official websiteSantigold
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  9. Kate Boy - One (11-11-2015)
  10. Electropop artist Kate Boy
    One - a 11-11-2015 album by Kate Boy who also made Northern Lights. Music fans who enjoyed The Knife should check out One. It is Electropop with Pop, Synthpop, and more influences. The best track on One is Midnight Sun (soundcloud below).

    Pitchfork Review69%
    Keywordsaddictive • agressive • catchy •
    CountrySweden •
    Coolest VideoclipHigher
    LabelIsland / Fiction
    Official websiteKate Boy
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  11. Chvrches - Every Open Eye (28-09-2015)
  12. Electropop artist Chvrches
    Every Open Eye - a 28-09-2015 album by Chvrches who also made The Bones of What You Believe . Music fans who enjoyed Purity Ring should check out Every Open Eye. It is Electropop with Pop, Synthpop, and more influences. The best track on Every Open Eye is Leave A Trace (soundcloud below).

    Pitchfork Review77%
    Keywordscatchy • uplifting •
    CountryUnited Kingdom •
    Coolest VideoclipClearest Blue
    Official websiteChvrches
    Listen onAmazon or iTunes

  13. Shamir - Ratchet (18-05-2015)
  14. Electropop artist Shamir
    Ratchet - a 18-05-2015 album by Shamir who also made Northtown EP. Music fans who enjoyed Le1f should check out Ratchet. It is Electropop with Nu-Disco, Synthpop, and more influences. The best track on Ratchet is If It Wasn't True (soundcloud below).

    Pitchfork Review83%
    Keywordsquirky • funky •
    CountryUnited States •
    Coolest VideoclipCall it Off
    Official websiteShamir
    Listen onAmazon or iTunes

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