Best new Black Metal albums, songs & artists in 2016

Black metal originated in the dark and isolated woods of Norway in the 1990’s and gained quite some popularity soon. And even though the huge black metal hype that once swept the earth might be over, there is, and always will be true Black Metal. Check out our recent favorites!
The Vore selects the top best Black Metal albums of 2020. Who are the new Burzum, Mayhem & Emperor in the Black Metal genre?
Black Metal2020
Popular artistsMyrkur, Mgła & Enslaved
Most listened to songs:Mgła - Exercises in Futility, Myrkur - Nordlys & False - Saturnalia

Top 10 new Black Metal albums out now in 2020

Recent Black Metal albums with reviews, ratings, similar artists, best songs & soundcloud streams.

  1. Behexen - The Poisonous Path (27-05-2016)
  2. Black Metal artist Behexen
    The Poisonous Path - a 27-05-2016 album by Behexen who also made By the Blessing of Satan. Music fans who enjoyed Emperor should check out The Poisonous Path. It is Black Metal with Experimental, Metal, and more influences. The best track on The Poisonous Path is (soundcloud below).
    Keywordsagressive • noisy •
    CountryFinland •
    Coolest VideoclipUmbra Luciferi
    LabelDebemur Morti
    Official websiteBehexen
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  3. Kvelertak - Nattesferd (13-05-2016)
  4. Black Metal artist Kvelertak
    Nattesferd - a 13-05-2016 album by Kvelertak who also made Meir. Music fans who enjoyed Judas Priest should check out Nattesferd. It is Black Metal with Heavy Metal, and more influences. The best track on Nattesferd is 1985 (soundcloud below).

    Allmusic Review80%
    Keywordscatchy • retro •
    CountryNorway •
    Coolest VideoclipSvartmesse
    Official websiteKvelertak
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  5. Darkthrone - Arctic Thunder (14-10-2016)
  6. Black Metal artist Darkthrone
    Arctic Thunder - a 14-10-2016 album by Darkthrone who also made Under a Funeral Moon . Music fans who enjoyed Mayhem should check out Arctic Thunder. It is Black Metal with Doom Metal, Thrash Metal, and more influences. The best track on Arctic Thunder is (soundcloud below).
    Pitchfork Review7.2%
    Keywordseclectic • eighties •
    CountryNorway •
    Coolest VideoclipTundra Leech
    Official websiteDarkthrone
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  7. Urgehal - Aeons in Sodom (12-02-2016)
  8. Black Metal artist Urgehal
    Aeons in Sodom - a 12-02-2016 album by Urgehal who also made Goatcraft Torment. Music fans who enjoyed Mayhem should check out Aeons in Sodom. It is Black Metal with Heavy Metal, and more influences. The best track on Aeons in Sodom is (soundcloud below).
    Allmusic Review
    Keywordsup-tempo • obscure • heavy •
    CountryNorway •
    Coolest VideoclipSulphur Black Haze
    LabelSeason of mist
    Official websiteUrgehal
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  9. Mgła - Exercises in Futility (13-10-2015)
  10. Black Metal artist Mgła
    Exercises in Futility - a 13-10-2015 album by Mgła who also made With Hearts Toward None. Music fans who enjoyed Burzum should check out Exercises in Futility. It is Black Metal with Metal, and more influences. The best track on Exercises in Futility is (soundcloud below).
    Pitchfork Review78%
    Keywordsagressive • obscure • melodic •
    CountryPoland •
    Coolest VideoclipExercises in futility II
    LabelNorthern Heritage
    Official websiteMgła
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  11. Enslaved - In Times (10-03-2015)
  12. Black Metal artist Enslaved
    In Times - a 10-03-2015 album by Enslaved who also made Axioma Ethica Odini . Music fans who enjoyed Darkthrone should check out In Times. It is Black Metal with Heavy Metal, Progressive Metal, and more influences. The best track on In Times is One Thousand Years of Rain (soundcloud below).

    Allmusic Review
    Keywordsatmospheric • loud • melodic •
    CountryNorway •
    Coolest VideoclipThurisaz Dreaming
    LabelNuclear Blast
    Official websiteEnslaved
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  13. Leviathan - Scar Sighted (06-02-2015)
  14. Black Metal artist Leviathan
    Scar Sighted - a 06-02-2015 album by Leviathan who also made Tentacles of Whorror . Music fans who enjoyed Blut aus nord should check out Scar Sighted. It is Black Metal with Death Metal, and more influences. The best track on Scar Sighted is All Tongues Reward (soundcloud below).

    Allmusic Review
    Keywordsdark • agressive • theatrical •
    CountryUnited States •
    Coolest VideoclipWithin Thrall
    LabelProfound Lore
    Official websiteLeviathan
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  15. Obsequiae - Aria of Vernal Tombs (01-06-2015)
  16. Black Metal artist Obsequiae
    Aria of Vernal Tombs - a 01-06-2015 album by Obsequiae who also made Suspended in the Brume of Eos. Music fans who enjoyed Ulver should check out Aria of Vernal Tombs. It is Black Metal with Folk, and more influences. The best track on Aria of Vernal Tombs is Cabin Lights (soundcloud below).

    Pitchfork Review80%
    Keywordsexperimental • soft • atmospheric •
    Coolest VideoclipPools Of A Vernal Paradise
    Label20 Buck Spin
    Official websiteObsequiae
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Upcoming new 2020 Black Metal albums

Best upcoming Black Metal albums with release dates.

  1. TBA• by Dimmu Borgir
  2. Dimmu Borgir is signed with Nuclear Blast in 2020
    Release Date: 01-06-2016? // Label: Nuclear Blast
    Previous releases: Enthrone Darkness Triumphant
    Associated genre: Black Metal .
    Official website

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