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Italian movies rank amongst the best European Movies. Italy is a country with a very old and traditional film history. Italian cinema is probably one of the most popular ones in the world. The amount of great Italian films is very impressive. Many works have won their share of prestigious prizes. We discuss the best films and series. You can also buy them on DVD or stream them online

New and upcoming film releases

Italian cinema is always in motion. Historically it has been an important movie country, and it continues to do so. Here we want to keep you up to date of the most promising new Italian film releases. We bring you the latest trailers and the upcoming release dates. Check out our new Italian movies.

Best directors in Italian cinema

Italian directors rank among the most prestigious filmmakers in the world. Who has not heard about Federico Fellini? Here is our top 5 of our favorite filmmakers. This will be updated soon.

Italian feature films

You can go straight to our best Italian movies top 10 to see our selection of greatest Movies. In our Italian movies list you can find all the Italian films we have. They all include trailers and reviews. Or do it by Genre:

Italian TV Series

If you appreciate Italian films, you must also be curious to know the best of Italian television. You can read about the best Italian TV Series in the tv series section. In particular the detective series are doing very well internationally.


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Of course the Academy Awards are not necessarily the best indication of a country’s quality, but it sure says something that Italy has won the most Oscars for best Foreign language films.

Another surprising area in which Italian cinema has been popular is the westerns Genre. With the so-called ‘Spaghetti Westerns’ Italy has managed to get life-long fans. Some films like the Good, the Bad and the Ugly continue to have a cult following. But also For Best of Youth - Great Italian Moviesa Few Dollars more is an absolute Italian Classic.

There are also a large amount of very talented and successful Italian directors. The most famous one probably still being Frederico Fellini. But he is not the only great Director any more. Several new geniuses have arisen. They are included in our best Italian movies list. Here you can read all about what Italian Cinema has to offer. From Italian tv series to films and more.