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Are you a distribution company or an independent filmmaker looking for exposure? The Vore (previously The Filmtransition) is an international culture blog keeping readers up to date on the latest movies, tv shows, music and books produced worldwide. Our main focus is on art house cinema and American indie cinema, but we also recognize a quality blockbuster when we see one.

500.000 monthly readers (Alexa US rank 50k) visit The Vore to get the latest reviews, and to see what is happening per genre and country. Most readers search for us for our very popular overviews of the latest movies by topic, like our 2016’s 15 most suspenseful psychological thriller movies or our Best new German movies of 2016. We cover it all.

If you want your movie reviewed, like we have done here, you will get a professional 350 words review by a university film studies graduate, and your movie will be included on one of our lists. Our lists are translated into 8 languages (Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese), so you have worldwide exposure (Japanese example of our thrillers list). We can also translate your requested review to one of these languages (like here in Dutch).

Reviews will be featured on our homepage and in our sidebars for at least 7 days, and we will provide a link to the movie’s website (or the website of the distributor) in the article. We will also share the review via our social media channels.

Please note that all movies are still reviewed on merit, and payment of a fee does not buy our opinions, just exposure.

Contact us via [email protected]



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