Best French TV Series

French Series – the very best TV Series from France

A discussion of the best French Series. France, the birthplace of movies, has for many years looked down on TV Series. Film was what it was all about. French movie directors shied away from lending their creative skills for television. This somewhat changed when the famous Canal + (Canale Plus) started throwing some money around. And it worked.

Let us have a look at which French TV Series are worth watching. We realise series take up a lot of your time, so we have tried to slim it down by finding the two best TV-series of France. European Movies & TV Series does this for every country in Europe. For our others countries’ series you should have a look in our European TV Series section.

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Best three French Series

#1 French TV-Series: Engrenages – Spiral

engrenages - french series

Our number one really was not difficult to come up with. It is the undisputed number one French series. It is the Police Drama Series Engrenages (Spiral internationally) that is broadcasted in quite a lot of countries outside of France. Seventy countries to be precise. For those whose French is not what it used to be, Engrenages means crogs or gears. It is about the judicial system of France. We get introduced to it by following the day-to-day activities of the police, lawyers, judges and public prosecutors. The TV series started in 2005 and its third season was released in 2010.


Movie trailer and reviews of Engrenages – Spiral. Also the technical details. Please leave your own reviews and rate the series.

#2. Braquo

Braquo is a new French tv series that is starting its third season in 2013. The rights of this very dark police tv shows have been sold all around the world. Braquo is often described as a combination between Engrenages and the American HBO series ‘The Wire’. It follows a group of Parisian police officers that do not hesitate to circumvent the law after one of their colleagues commits suicide due to a case. It is rather violent and hard so viewer’s discretion is advised.

#3. Fais pas çi, fais pas ça – Desperate Parents

Fait pas çi, fait pas ça - French tv series

The second one was a lot more difficult to choose. We have finally decided on Fait pas çi, fait pas ça or Desperate Parents. Its a French comedy series that is already running for 4 seasons now. It started off in 2007. It became extra famous when the concept was exported to the United States. There they made the American version ‘Modern Family’ and it has become very popular. Its about the problems modern families face. We get an insight in to the lives of three French families.

Reviews and trailers of Fais pas çi, fais pas ça. Also the technical details.

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