If there is one thing England is famous for it is their best British comedy movies. English comedies are worldwide being regarded as the crème the la crème of when it comes to humor. The Europeans love their sense of humor, and also the American can not get enough of it. Of course, very often the United States makes American remakes, but we all know they cannot compete. Here old ones out on DVD and Blu-ray and new movies out in 2012/2013 – all hilarious films.

The Funniest English comedies films

We are going to gather a little top 5 of the very best English comedy movies. The highest quality English comedy films with trailers.

Top 5 Popular best British comedy movies that will make you laugh

All of these English comedy films are listed in no particular order. We were unable to pick our very favorites, but they are all amazing.

Monty Python: The Life of Brian – The Holy Grail


Let just get this one over with. The ingenious comedy team called Monty Python (John Cleese and his mates). All of their movies are so cleverly constructed you will not be able to stop laughing. These boys know a thing or two about timing. They also bring a great combination of dry jokes, and actual slapstick. It basically is a whole lot of hilarious sketches put together into one story. Our favorite comedy film is The Life of Brian, followed closely by The Holy Grail. However, with all of the other films and series they have released you are also safe.

Dr. Strangelove (1964)


One of Kubrick’s first classics. This British comedy movie was a cult film during the sixties, and remains very popular today. Although originally intended to be a serious film, Kubrick quickly realised that the material could easily be turned into something very funny Read more about this film in our Best British Movies of all time!

Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949)


Perhaps not as famous as the other ones, but do not be mistaken. That is just because it is a little bit older. This film has for a very long time been one of the most famous and most popular English comedies. We still consider it one of the greatest crime comedy movies ever made. In 1950 it won the BAFTA award for best British film. It did not receive many more prizes, but it really should. It is currently ranking as IMDb 212th best film on their best movies list. This excellent and funny British movie is about a distant relative of a Duke. . He intends to scheme his way into inheriting the title. He does this very simple: by pllotting to murder the other heirs.

Shaun of the Dead (2004) & Hot Fuzz (2007)



Some more modern English comedy movies! Why are these two put together? They have made by the same duo: by director Edgar Wright and comedy genius Simon Pegg. In both films they put a spin on two great genre’s. First they made an excellent comedy horror movies with Shaun of the Dead, and with Hot Fuzz they produced a fantastic Action comedy. Read more about this film in our British Action Movies. Update: in 2013 a new production by this talented duo will hit cinema’s: The World’s End.

More great English comedy movies we recommend are Withnail & I and Secrets & Lies, they can both be found in our above mentioned Best British movies ever list. Please continue reading in our New comedy movies of 2013 – Funny comedies from Europe, including several new British comedy flicks.