Top 5 old Norwegian movies of all time

Our overview of the old Norwegian movies you must see.

Top 5 best Norwegian Movies

1. Pinchclifffe Grand Prix – Flåklypa Grand Prix(1975)

Directed by Ivo Caprino.

Cast: Wenche Foss, Per Theodor Haugen and Harald Heide-Steen Jr.

IMDb Rating: 8.0.

Animation / Comedy.

Best norwegian movies - pinchcliffe

This animated film is about a bike mechanic who is betrayed by one of his best friends. The friend stole his designs for a car. The mechanic decides to compete with the traitor in a grand prix. A historic and epic match is born.

This film is has generated somewhat of a cult status in Norway. In the 70’s the film was embraced as an innovating new wind through Scandinavia. To this date this is the film with the most financial success in Norway. It is a film for all generations.

Unfortunately there is no movie trailer of Pinchcliffe Grand Prix availabl

2. Me, My Friend and I – Elling (2001)

Drected by Petter Naess.

Cast: Per Christian Ellefsen, Sven Nordin and Marit Pia Jacobsen

IMDb Rating: 7.6.


Best norwegian movies - elling

When Ellings is 40 his mother dies. He has been living with her all his life, but now he is forced to move out to a state instution. There he meets a woman-crazy gentle giant. Together they leave the institution after 2 years, trying to make it in the real world. They have to learn how to maintain themselves in society, and during this process they make the strangest friends and get in the most peculiar situations.

This Oscar nominated film continuously knows how to struck the right chords, combining comedy with sympathy. The film is hilarious and at the same time heartwarming. Besides that it is a great comedy, it also brings a message accross about sticking to your dreams. It is one of Norway’s best known low budget films.

3. Reprise (2006)

Directed by Joachim Trier.

Cast: Anders Danielsen Lie, Espen Klouman-Høiner and Viktoria Winge.

IMDb Rating: 7.3.


best norwegian movies - reprise

Two friends with literary ambitions have a competitive but good friendship. Besides trying to accomplish their dreams of becoming respected (or even obscure) novelists, they also are growing up and together they experience the highs and the lows of adolescent life. This film is one of the films that is very often mentioned as being a good foreign ‘arthouse’ film. Reprise has been awarded with several national prizes, including an Amanda Award. It is the debut film of Joachim Trier (not related) who recently launched a new film called Oslo, 31 August in which you can get a good idea of the city of Oslo.

4. Insomnia (1997)

Directed by Erik Skjoldbjærg.

Cast: Stellan Skarsgård, Maria Mathiesen and Sverre Anker Ousdal.

IMDb Rating: 7.3.

Thriller / Detective.

best norwegian movies - insomnia

Two detectives are assigned to assist the local police in a murder case in a little village in the northern part of Norway. When they are there another murder takes place, also threatening the safety of the duo. The lead role in the film is played by Stellan Skarsgård who also plays in a few hollywood films (most recently in Thor). This film has also been remade by the immensely popular director Christopher Nolan, but now it takes place in remote Alaska. Insomnia is one of the movies to put on your need to watch list.

5.  Max Manus (2008)

Directed by Joachim Rønning and Espen Sandberg.

Cast: Aksel Hennie, Agnes Kittelsen and Nicolai Cleve Broch.

IMDb Rating: 7.5.

Drama / Adventure.

best norwegian movies - max manus

Max Manus is based on the true story about one of the most brilliants saboteurs in the Second World War. It not only portrays his heroic deeds, but also his inner struggles and the relationship with his wife to be. The film has been greeted with applause by the critics. Good action/drama/war films are very rare in Norway. Despite the fact that it has hardly won any prices abroad, it received a whole lof of national awards, including a lot of Amanda Awards.